ioLiving on mukana CityIoT-hankkeessa

Continuous monitoring of differential pressure as part of CityIoT project

We spend an average of 90% a day indoors. One of the essential parameters for a healthy living is the pressure difference between the interior and the outside. Incorrect pressure / ventilation may result in mold and moisture damage.

ioLiving solution will be tested in the properties of Oulu City as a part of the CityIoT project. This time, four companies were selected to join the quick experiments.

ioLiving solution is based on IoT technology and devices that are easy to install and move together with an online cloud service. The measurement data is analyzed and shared with stakeholders. We want to promote the work of building a healthy and comfortable indoor climate.

The experiment begins in August and ends in October 2019. We will tell you more about the experiment, so stay tuned!

What is CityIoT – future operator independent data integration platform

Future smart cities and their services are based on wireless and efficient data utilization. Cities are investing in different sensor technologies and are looking for opportunities to apply the Internet of Things (IoT) to develop services.

CityIoT (Future operator independent data integration platform) is a Six City Strategy Project, which is funded by European Regional Development Fund. The executors of the project are University of Oulu, City of Oulu, City of Tampere, Oulu University of Applied Sciences and Tampere University of Technology. The main contractor and coordinator of the project is University of Oulu.

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ioLiving is the forefront of condition measurement solutions based on IoT technology in Finland. To date, already 30,000 ioLiving sensors have been installed and over 1.6 billion measurements made with them. The company is actively developing new solutions to its customers’ needs. Read more about our solutions