Metos ioLiving commercial kitchen self-monitoring

Metos and ioLiving offer easy, fast and reliable self-monitoring solutions for restaurants and commercial kitchens

Metos manufactures and markets professional kitchen equipment and fixtures and is the market leader in its field in the Nordic, the Baltic and the Benelux countries. Metos Kitchen Intelligence is a concept which offers products and services to enhance the performance of restaurants and commercial kitchens. As part of this successful concept Metos offers a modern and effective way of solving the self-monitoring duties of restaurants and turning them into a competitive advantage. Automated self-monitoring is implemented with an intelligent IoT solution by ioLiving.

Modern technology replaces manual work

Working in a professional kitchen is almost always hectic. There is a lot of work to be done in the kitchen, and the customer service takes its time too. The authorities set strict self-monitoring requirements for kitchens. Collecting all the information necessary for self-monitoring purposes is often experienced as a tedious task. All solutions that can cut some slack in the hectic working environment of a professional kitchen are welcome.

ioLiving’s smart kitchen solution offered by Metos to their clients makes self-monitoring easy. The temperature collecting devices are placed in the locations where temperature needs to be monitored. The measurement data is then automatically transferred to ioLiving’s cloud service via a Bluetooth or a LoRa connection. In addition to measurement data, self-control observations are entered into the system. The temperature and observation statistics are monitored and analysed in real time, and a report can be created on any internet browser.

“Most restaurant workers consider self-monitoring and related reporting with the traditional manual methods as a rather toilsome task. ioLiving’s automatic self-monitoring solutions can save the restaurant personnel a lot of time and unnecessary work. The solution is really easy to take into use, and everyone benefits from improved self-monitoring,” Product Manager Ville Nikkanen of Metos says.

Higher quality and cost efficiency with continuous condition measurement

ioLiving is a leading supplier of condition measurement solutions based on IoT technology in Finland. To date, already 30,000 ioLiving sensors have been installed, and nearly 1.5 billion measurements made with them. The company is actively developing new solutions to meet its customers’ needs.

“The conditions in a professional kitchen are measured while the food is being received, stored and served. In addition to temperature monitoring, the ioLiving self-monitoring service can be used for entering other functions or measurement records as well, including surface cleanliness analyses, wastage monitoring or detailed cleaning information. All data are saved in one single system where they can be continuously monitored and saved for further use,” Chef Teemu Rönkkö at Metos says.

Customer relationship grew into partnership

Metos has offered ioLiving’s self-monitoring solutions to its clients already for many years. There are currently over 100 professional kitchens using the solution in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Estonia. Globalisation is advancing rapidly and, as the recognition increases, new customer relations are established in several markets.

The joint research and development work on the self-monitoring solution has proved beneficial, and new features are being introduced at a regular interval. The latest features developed are related to food wastage control and rapid freezing measurement.

“ioLiving is an excellent partner for us. The agile and customer-oriented product development work is vital, since both the market and the technologies are developing constantly. Similar systems used to be awkward and expensive. ioLiving’s solution is anything but; it is highly flexible and affordable to purchase and maintain. It seems we have a bright future before us,” Product Manager Ville Nikkanen of Metos summarises.

“ioLiving’s automatic self-monitoring solutions can save the restaurant personnel a lot of time and unnecessary work. Everyone benefits from improved self-monitoring,” says Product Manager Ville Nikkanen.

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