Efficiency, quality and predictability for construction sites

Continuous monitoring of conditions at a construction site generates unique efficiency. ioLiving’s smart measurement data collection instruments and cloud service solution allow you to avoid unnecessary phases of work, resulting in better quality and predictability. ioLiving’s condition measurements have already been carried out at construction sites in Finland for several years. The results have been excellent, and the benefits to the customer have taken shape at many sites.a.

Ensure construction quality

Ensuring dryness of concrete

The moisture problems of structures have been shown to be one of the factors contributing to problems with indoor air. The properties, structural solutions and environmental conditions of concrete play an essential role on how quickly concrete dries.

A concrete floor must not be coated before moisture of concrete falls under the upper limit specified for each type of coating. Moisture falls under the Moisture measurement of concrete at construction sites is everyday business which can be automated using the ioLiving solution. Traditionally, moisture measurement of concrete has been carried out manually by individual measurements. With ioLiving’s solution, this important operation can be performed in real time, and the measurement data can, wherever and whenever, be viewed by a browser. The reliability of the measurement results of continuous monitoring has proven better compared to individual measurements.

Temperature measurement

Several temporary heating arrangements are used during construction. Heating may unexpectedly be discontinued, which consequently may result in the freezing of water pipes. As the temperature drops, humidity of air condensates on cold surfaces, resulting in mould and moisture damage later on.

Continuous temperature monitoring in ioLiving’s solution sends alarms to your phone if the limits of the temperature range set are undershot or exceeded. Especially in buildings protected by the Finnish Heritage Agency, stringent requirements have been set for temperature management.

Prevention of condensation in structures

False design of ventilation or a structure may result in condensation of moisture in insulation and structures. A poorly ventilated space between roof constructions may result in moisture problems. IoLiving’s solution sends an alarm, if the temperature is approaching the dew point.

Ensuring functioning ventilation

The functioning of ventilation is best inspected during the use of the building. This is one of the key measures particularly in renovation, and ventilation must be improved to meet today’s standards. A high negative pressure in a dwelling will increase the risk of moisture damage. IoLiving’s portable differential pressure instrument is easy to use, since no fixed system installations are needed. With this monitoring, the functioning of ventilation is checked specifically during the use of the building.

Ensure the building project schedule

Management of drying the concrete structures

Moisture management is a very important matter in building design, during construction and during the use of the building. Removal of moisture from the structures is impacted by temperature, relative humidity of ambient air, ventilation, and the structures of the building.

Drying does not take place evenly. There are multiple concrete structures at a construction site, and from the project schedule’s point of view it is cost-efficient that all structures reach an acceptable moisture level simultaneously. With ioLiving’s solution, you can see the drying of all measured locations, and the efficiency of drying can be accelerated in locations that are drying more slowly.

Efficient timing of final inspection

Without continuous monitoring, it is difficult to estimate when concrete is dry enough for the final inspection, which often results in the need to renew the final inspection measurements. With continuous moisture monitoring, you can anticipate the right time for the final inspection, and so boost the operations.

monitor construction sites and buildings

Benefits for construction sites

  • Omission of unnecessary phases of work
  • Saving of time
  • Easy and quick implementation
  • Improved quality and predictability
  • Increased profitability
  • Improved safety
  • Scalable according to your needs

Benefits for buildings

  • Ensure healthy and safe indoor air
  • Extend the life cycle of buildings
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As customers, we have market-leading companies across three continents. ioLiving’s intelligent condition monitoring services are tailored to meet the needs of a wide range of industries.

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