Continuous monitoring of growth and storage conditions guarantees productive agriculture. IoLiving produces real-time data in authentic environments and the data transfer solution then transfers it reliably also in challenging conditions.


ioLiving has developed a solution to increase the productivity and efficiency of agricultural production.

When data such as temperature, soil humidity and carbon dioxide concentration can be measured in the real growing environment in real time, the producers are able to direct their actions during the growing period, as well as  during storage and transport.

IoLiving’s Smart Potato solution has revolutionised potato farming. The smart device continuously collects measurement data from the potato farming environment, as well as transport and storage conditions, and sends it to a cloud service where the data is easy to analyse and report.

  • Continuous monitoring of storage conditions guarantees quality

    Managing storage conditions

    ioLiving Smart Warehouse solution enables you to set the right storage conditions by measuring temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide in real-time. Make sure that the quality of your products remains good even during storage.

Monitor agricultural conditions

Benefits of ioLiving solution

  • Real time
  • Measurements in the real growing environment
  • Data transfer
  • Improved quality and productivity
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Illustrative visual user interfaces
ioLiving smart potato

IoLiving’s Smart Potato solution

Solentum and ioLiving have developed a solution to improve agricultural productivity and quality. Our smart potato solution is sold by Solentum BV, which offers advanced solutions to improve agricultural productivity.

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