Solution for knowledge management

The IoLiving solution enables constant measurements, real-time monitoring of the measurement results and application-specific advanced properties through an illustrative user interface. Data can be analysed and utilised all the time, regardless of time and place. The cost-efficient IoLiving solution enables real knowledge management and makes business smarter.

Cost-efficient and easy-to-use solution

Conventional manual condition measurements are being replaced by modern methods. ioLiving provides a solution which enables continuous monitoring and real-time monitoring of measurement results through a clear user interface. The ioLiving measurement data collection instrument stores measurement data in its memory at regular intervals. A smart phone or gateway transfers the measurement data to a network server, and the conditions can be monitored with a browser anywhere.

Key properties of the ioLiving solution

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    Continuous monitoring

    In all uses, it is essential that the measurement data is accessible for a longer period of time, which allows you to see any changes and trends in the conditions.

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    Real-time analysis

    Graphical analysis of the measurement data allows you to better understand what is happening under the conditions being monitored. On the basis of the analysis, you can take the necessary measures.

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    Remote monitoring

    The data is accessible through any browser, independent of time and place.

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    If a measurement parameter deviates from the permitted limits, an alarm is sent by email or SMS.

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    Reporting and archiving

    The measurement data is stored, and the information is available throughout the project.

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    Sharing the data

    Opportunity to share reading rights with other stakeholders.

Quick implementation

The ioLiving solution can be delivered to the customer in two alternative ways:

Customer-driven implementation
The customer purchases the needed instruments and the licence. The customer creates a user ID and activates the instruments on the account. The customer purchases a SIM card for a gateway device.

Turn-key delivery
IoLiving opens an account for the customer, activates the instruments and the licence for the account and purchases a SIM card for a gateway device. The configuration is tested for a minimum of 24 hours. IoLiving delivers the product to the customer conveniently packed into one single case.

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The ioLiving solution consists of three innovative elements.


ioLiving service description


  • ioLiving Services

    IoLiving services are offered to end-users through an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface. The data is easy to analyse, present visually and exploit in various ways depending on the industry. The ioLiving service receives more than 300,000 service requests every day.

  • ioLiving Cloud

    IoLiving’s cloud service solution stores the collected measurement data with data protection ensured. The data is stored and back-up copies are taken automatically. IoLiving Cloud can be used on all terminal devices, as well as allowing flexible integration with the customer’s systems. More than 2 000 000 000 measurement data have already been processed by IoLiving Cloud services.

  • ioLiving Devices

    ioLiving’s smart devices for collecting measurement data enable accurate, real-time measurements. Top-quality sensors and innovative data transfer solutions are able to transfer data from very challenging conditions. More than 50,000 smart ioLiving measurement devices have been delivered already.