Continuous monitoring of storage conditions guarantees quality

Storage is one of the crucial stages in the food chain. Most of the food production goes to our tables through warehouses where they are stored for several months, sometimes even more than twelve.

It is important that during the time in storage the quality will remain, and no waste will be created. Continuous monitoring of storage conditions guarantees quality and productive agriculture.

When data such as temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide concentration can be measured in the real storage environment in real time, the producers are able to direct their actions correctly.

You will really know what happens inside your storage. And based on the knowledge you can make necessary actions if needed to guarantee the quality of the products.

ioLiving Smart Warehouse solution is suitable for monitoring the conditions of storage of all types of agricultural products such as bulbs, vegetables, fruits, potatoes, rice and grain. Indoors and outdoors.

Continuous monitoring of storage conditions guarantees quality

ioLiving solutions makes agriculture more productive and efficient

Our service covers the entire chain, from the cultivation of the product from transportation to storage. Our services include: Smart Agriculture, Smart Potato and Smart Warehouse. Read more about ioLiving Smart Agriculture solutions.

Benefits of ioLiving Smart Warehouse solution

  • Wireless data collector devices can be located at critical points, as storage conditions vary.
  • Devices can be easily moved from one place to another, making it easier to monitor microclimate.
  • The solution is cost-effective.
  • Conditions are monitored regardless of time and place.
  • Automatic alarms for deviation values.
Monitor agricultural conditions

Monitoring of agricultural conditions

Constant monitoring of conditions guarantees productive farming. ioLiving real-time data transfer solution is reliable even in challenging conditions.

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